Conditions for admission to the various departments of the Academy:
• Engineering departments and the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology: It is required to obtain the Egyptian General Secondary School, the scientific section (Mathematics Division) or its equivalent.
• Departments of journalism, administration and management information systems: It is required to obtain the Egyptian high school certificate, with its scientific and literary sections, and its equivalent.
Department of Management Sciences: It is required to obtain the Egyptian General Secondary School Certificate, with its scientific and literary sections, or its equivalent, and the student must have obtained at least 75% in the English language.

General conditions:
• The student must pass the tests decided by the Academy’s Board of Directors.
• To be medically fit to prove his eligibility to continue studying at the Academy.
• The student should be a full-time student.
• To be of good conduct.
• Each student is given a special personal card on which his picture is affixed and signed by the head of the academy and stamped with the seal of the academy. This card must be presented in every academic matter.
• No student is allowed to attend lessons, lectures, practical exercises and take exams unless he carries his card.
• Every registered student must prove his attendance in the manner determined by the Academy.
• It is not permissible for a student to register his name in more than one institute at the same time, nor may he combine his enrollment in an institute that is not affiliated with the ministry or any university college, nor may he be re-enrolled in any institute to obtain a certificate he previously obtained. Register him to obtain another certificate from a similar institute.

Required papers and certificates:
• Nomination card.
• Computerized birth certificate.
• The original high school diploma.
• Six recent personal photos.
• A copy of the national ID card.

Transfer, transfer, return and suspension of registration

Transferring and transferring a student’s enrollment from other higher institutes and university colleges is carried out according to the following rules:
First: It is not permissible to transfer students from the corresponding institutes or colleges to Akhbar Al-Youm Academy and who are enrolled in the first year or preparatory year, unless the student fulfills the minimum condition for admission in the year of obtaining the qualification.
Second: It is permissible to consider transferring students enrolled in a band higher than the preparatory or first band from higher institutes and corresponding colleges if health or social conditions exist, with the approval of the deans of the academy and the institute or college from which the student is transferred. With the examination in some subjects or exemption from other subjects according to the study plan. The period spent by the student who failed in the band that is transferred to its counterpart is calculated within the chances of failure available, and it is not permissible to transfer to a band higher than the specialization teams.
• It is also permissible to transfer the enrollment of the transferred student to a division higher than the first class in any of the university faculties or from a non-equivalent institute, provided that he has obtained the minimum in the total grades reached by admission to the Academy, and the student’s enrollment is in the first study team in the Academy.
• In all the previous cases, it is stipulated that the student to be transferred or transfer his registration has not exhausted the chances of failure and that the student has not been dismissed for a disciplinary reason. It is also required that the transfer request be submitted before the start of the study. Cases approved by the competent head of the central administration.
Third: Students who are dismissed by other than disciplinary methods from military colleges or police colleges for being unfit for military life may be accepted at Akhbar Al-Youm Academy.
Fourth: To accept the transfer of the student or the transfer of his registration, he must submit an application for transfer or transfer of registration.
Fifth: Students who have exhausted the failure times may be accepted in colleges, higher institutes, military colleges, and the police college, provided that the student is enrolled in the college or higher institute in the academic year preceding the year in which they join the academy.
For admission, the student must have a high school diploma or an equivalent Arab or foreign certificate, provided that the minimum and qualifying subjects are met in the year the student obtained the qualification, or the year he joined the academy, whichever is better for the student. To the academy to obtain the approval of the academy’s board of directors and to send it to the concerned department in the ministry for approval by the head of the central administration.

Students may be enrolled and re-enrolled in the following cases:
1- A new student who has not completed his enrollment procedures with an acceptable excuse.
2- The student who withdrew his papers from the academy while he was enrolled in it and gave an excuse.
3- The student who did not apply to the coordination office in the year of obtaining the qualification with an acceptable excuse.
• In all cases, the opportunity to fail is exhausted in the year that elapses without the student enrolling himself in the Academy. Enrollment or re-enrollment is by a decision of the competent head of the central administration or with the approval of the Academy’s Board of Directors.
• The Academy’s Board of Directors may approve suspending the student’s enrollment for a period of one academic year and not exceeding two academic years during the study years if he presents an acceptable excuse that prevents him from attending the study. The head of the central administration concerned with the Ministry of Higher Education may extend this period to a maximum of twice the period of study in the Academy when absolutely necessary. .
• Students who obtained the Egyptian high school diploma of all nationalities and students who obtained the high school diploma from an Egyptian mother from any country submit the papers to the Arab Affairs Office: 15 Al Khalifa Al Mamoun Street – Manshiet Al Bakri…. according to the stages.
• Students who have obtained a high school diploma from a foreign country and from a foreign father and mother … The papers are submitted to the General Administration of Expatriates at the address: 3 Shrine of Saad Zaghloul Street in Al Mounira – Cairo … accompanied by a letter from the cultural advisor at the embassy of the country to which the student belongs in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
• Criteria for admission to the Academy The Minister of Higher Education, after taking the opinion of the Academy’s Board of Directors, determines at the end of each academic year the number of students from the Arab Republic of Egypt or others, who can be admitted to the Academy from those who obtained the Egyptian General Secondary Certificate or its equivalent in light of the Academy’s needs in the academic year The following is the admission system.
• Admission to the Academy is through the Office for Coordination of Admission to Universities and Institutes, unless a decision is issued by the Minister of Higher Education to the contrary.

Required papers for transfers from outside the academy to the academy:
• A status statement from the entity to which he is enrolled in the academic hierarchy since obtaining high school until the year of transfer and sealed with the seal of the Republic.
• A copy of the high school certificate.
• Computerized birth certificate.
• Six (6) recent personal photos.
• A copy of the national ID card.
• Expenses required.

Rules of regularity for students

• Students enrolled in the academy and who are authorized to take the exam from abroad are subject to the disciplinary system explained below.
• The Student Disciplinary Council is formed under the chairmanship of the Academy’s President or his representative, and the membership of three members of the Academy’s Board of Directors, one of whom is a faculty member.

In particular, it is considered a disciplinary offense:
1. Acts that violate the system of the academy or its facilities, disrupt the study, or incite against me, as well as the premeditated refrain from attending lessons, lectures, and others that the regulations require perseverance.
2. Every act that violates honor and dignity or violates good conduct inside or outside the Academy.
3. Any breach of the exam system or the necessary calm for it, and every cheating or attempting to cheat in the exam.
4. All damage to installations, devices, materials or books, or their waste.
5. Every organization within the Academy or participation in it without a previous license from the Academy’s Board of Directors.
6. Distribute flyers or issue wall newspapers at the Academy and collect signatures without a previous license from the Academy President.
7. Sit-in inside the academy buildings or participate in demonstrations that violate public order or morals and decency.

Every student caught in the act of cheating or attempting to cheat in the exam using one of the generally accepted cheating methods, his exam in the subject in which he was caught is canceled and he is denied entry to the exam in the rest of the courses. The exam is by a decision of the disciplinary board or the academy’s board of directors, and the academic degree is voided if it was granted to the student before the cheating incident was revealed.

Disciplinary penalties are:
1- Oral or written warning.
2 – The warning.
3- Deprivation from attending the lessons of one of the courses for a period not exceeding one month.
4- Dismissal from the academy for a period not exceeding one month.
5- Canceling the student’s exam in one or more courses.
6- Dismissal from the academy for an academic year or more.
7 – Denial of exams in all subjects for one academic year or more.
8- Final dismissal from the academy, and the dismissal decision is communicated to other institutes, and it entails canceling the student’s enrollment in the academy and depriving him of sitting for the exam.
• The administration of the academy may announce the decision issued for disciplinary punishment within the academy, and the decision must be reported to the student’s guardian in all cases.
• Decisions issued for disciplinary sanctions – with the exception of verbal warnings – are kept in the student’s file and the Minister of Higher Education may reconsider the decision issued for the final dismissal after the lapse of at least three years from the date of the decision.

Bodies responsible for imposing penalties:
1- Faculty members: They have the right to impose the first and second penalties indicated in the previous article for what students commit during lessons, lectures, practical exercises, and various academic activities.
2- The president of the academy or the authorized representative: He has the right to impose the first four penalties in the previous article.
3- The Disciplinary Board: It has the right to impose all penalties in the event of any disturbance or breach of order caused by the irregularity of the study or examination or the state of threat thereof. The date of the penalty to the Disciplinary Board, if the penalty is a final dismissal from the Academy, in order to consider confirming or canceling and amending the penalty.
• No penalty of the penalties mentioned in the fourth clause and what follows of the penalty article shall be imposed except after investigating the student in writing and hearing his statements regarding what is attributed to him.
Decisions issued by the competent bodies to impose disciplinary penalties in accordance with the penalties article are final. However, the decision issued in absentia may be objected to before the disciplinary board within a week from the date of its notification to the student or his guardian. The decision is considered in presence if the request for attendance was announced to The person of the student or his guardian, who fails to attend without an acceptable excuse.
• The disciplinary decision may be appealed against by a request submitted to the president of the academy within fifteen days from the date the decision was issued, and the academy’s board of directors may cancel or reduce the penalty.
• The student referred to the disciplinary board may accompany a lawyer with him to attend the council’s sessions.

Enlistment requirements for students

• No student may join the academy after completing eighteen years unless he has a military and national service card (6) soldiers.
• It is not permissible for a student to remain in one of the departments of the Academy between twenty and thirty years of age unless he has one of the certificates or forms stipulated in Article 45 of Law No. 127 of 80 are: Certificates: (exception from military service – exemption from military service – postponement of service Compulsory – unaffected by role – performing military service – completing reserve service – on demand). Forms: (postponement of compulsory service – on demand for a specific period).
• It is not permissible to enroll a student in the first stages of study if he is over 22 years old on the first of September of the academic year in which he is enrolled, unless he submits one of the certificates stipulated in the previous item.
• Final year students who have reached the period of postponement of conscription 28 years during the academic year that starts hypothetically on the first of June deserve to postpone their enlistment until the end of the academic year and they must submit a form (2 Jund) to Student Affairs.
• If the student exceeds the age of 28 years before the first of June of the academic year, his enrollment will be suspended from study immediately, and he will not be registered until his military position is determined.
• Students who obtain a temporary exemption certificate specified for the term of their exemption, they must determine their position on conscription immediately after the expiry of the specified term or make a postponement of conscription if the student has not reached the age of 28 years (form 2 Jund is submitted).
• With regard to temporary exemption certificates that have no fixed term, they must be renewed every five years.

Required documents for the postponement of the recruitment of male students (for the dates of 1997 and earlier):
• Form 2 from the recruitment area to which the student belongs.
• Form 6 or 7 of the recruiting representative located in the police department to which the student belongs.

Coordination stamp number for the academic year 2016/2017:
• Engineering Department: 8/184.
• Press Department: 183/-.
• Department of Management Sciences in English: 4/186.
• Department of Computer Science and Information Technology: 185/6.
The value of the discount granted in expenses by the Academy to new and outstanding students in high school for the academic year 2016/2017:
• New students with a total of 95% or more (the value of the discount is 50%).
• New students with a total score of 90% or more (the value of the discount is 30%).
• New students with a total score of 85% or more (the value of the discount is 15%).