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Archbishop Mihayo University College of Tabora is education institution in Africa and here we have discussed about Archbishop Mihayo University College of Tabora Prospectus (Brochure) for undergraduate courses, PhD courses, postgraduate courses, Masters and research degrees. Archbishop Mihayo University College of Tabora Prospectus is a document sent to potential (prospective) students to attract them to apply for admissions. It usually contains information about the institution and the available courses, including advice on how to apply and the benefits of accepting a place. Many Institution has an individual prospectus for each course or group of courses that they offer.

Most Institution has both online and paper versions of their prospectus and they are divided into an Undergraduate Prospectus and a Postgraduate Prospectus. If asked, an application form can be sent.

Archbishop Mihayo University College of Tabora Prospectus (Brochure) 2023/2024 academic year!

Archbishop Mihayo University College of Tabora (AMUCTA), a Constituent College of St Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT), officially opened on 5th November 2010

The intention for launching the University College was in line with the goal of the Catholic Bishops of Tanzania to ensure that we have a training that would impart academic and professional skills and infuse values of civic and social learning to our students.


AMUCTA, therefore, adheres to SAUT vision of holistic development of a person and respect for human dignity. In recognition of this vision, AMUCTA continues to uphold the SAUT motto of �Building the City of God� and cherish our own motto �Seeking Wisdom in Truth�.

In implementing its envisioned ideal, SAUT found it important to establish this University College for the purpose of shedding light and contributing to higher education. This takes cognisance of the national development vision 2025, which mainly focuses on high quality of life, peace, stability and unity, good governance, a well-educated and learning society, a competitive economy capable of producing sustainable growth and shared benefits.

The rationale of the establishment of AMUCTA in Tabora region was to maintain the vision of the Catholic church of Tanzania to bring higher education services close to the people as it has been its tradition globally, regionally and locally. In this view, Tabora was one of the targets and hence AMUCTA was established.

The main emphasis in curriculum orientation for this University College include: secular education and training programmes, research relevant to national research agenda and consultancy and community services. In 2010/11 academic year, the University College started with Bachelor of Arts with Education and enrolled 886 students were enrolled


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