Department Of Higher Education And Training TVET Bursary Scheme

In order to facilitate access to TVET college programmes, DHET has set aside a budget for bursaries to students who enroll for Report 191 courses and NC(V) programmes. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme administers the bursaries on behalf of the DHET.

The following students are eligible to apply:

  • If you are a new prospective student who has been provisionally accepted you must apply for a bursary at the campus.

  • Only South African citizens.

  • Students who are financially needy

  • Students who perform academically

  • Must not be enrolling for a qualification equivalent to previous learning that was state-funded.

  • NC(V) level 2/3 and Report 191 (NATED) courses students who were awarded bursaries in 2019 and have academically progressed to the next level in 2020.

  • Students who were awarded bursaries for NC(V) Levels 2/3 or Report 191 N1 – N6 in 2018 but have not academically progressed to the next level in 2020, will not be eligible for bursaries in 2020.

To apply for a bursary, the following documents must accompany the bursary application form:

  • Three certified copies of the students ID.

  • Two certified copies of parents/guardians’ ID.

  • Two certified copies of IDs of other members in the household.

  • The latest original or certified copies of the parents/guardians’ payslips.

  • Sworn affidavits from parents/guardians in the event that they are unemployed.

  • Completed and signed Consent Form.

DHET Bursaries are not guaranteed, there are procedures in place for the administration and awarding of these bursaries.

The application process is electronic