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Esayidi College is education institution in Africa and here we have discussed about Esayidi College Timetable (Calendar) for undergraduate courses, PhD courses, postgraduate courses, Masters and research degrees. Which Esayidi College timetable service do you need find out more here. All courses and timetables for Esayidi College . Select a qualification for information and timetables:.

Esayidi College Time table 2023/2024 academic year!

What exactly is TVET?

The concept of Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has been introduced into the South African education and training industry as part of a drive to provide high-quality education and training that offers a wide range of learning options.

Esayidi TVET College and TVET

As a true TVET institution, Esayidi TVET College equips learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, values and competencies that will allow them to access lifelong learning opportunities and ensure that they become economically productive members of society.

TVET and our courses

In keeping with the aims of TVET, Esayidi TVET College offers a range of programmes that have integrated subject offerings so that learners are equipped with marketable skills in order to ensure work readiness.
The programmes offered at Esayidi TVET College are examined and certified nationally, and our programmes are designed in collaboration with commerce and industry.


The programmes presented at Esayidi TVET College are accredited by Sector Education and Training Authorities.

Esayidi College Time table

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