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The revised Plan undertook a situational analysis that accounted for the key milestones in the implementation of the 2009-2019 Strategic Plan, along with key challenges experienced in its implementation. From this background, a detailed environmental scan that covers SWOT, PESTEL, and stakeholder analyses were undertaken. A strategic model is further presented to address the University’s core mandate.

The Plan is consequently anchored on six strategic objectives that include: to produce skilled and competent human resource; generate and disseminate knowledge; provide technological solutions to the community and industry; establish, network and strengthen partnerships with strategic institutions; establish and maintain infrastructure and services, and improve financial sustainability.

The Plan thereafter presents an implementation and coordination framework depicting governance and administrative structure that will guide the University’s operations. Projected estimates show that the University will, on average require Kshs 507 million per year to actualize implementation of the six strategic objectives over the five year period, where much of the budgetary allocation will cater for the fifth strategic objective, to establish and maintain infrastructure and services, accounting for 70% of the proposed budget allocation.

However, from projections undertaken, it is manifest that existing revenue streams will not adequately fund the Plan. Thus, for a successful implementation, the University will identify alternative sources of income to bridge the anticipated budgetary shortfalls. The implementation framework will be driven through annual work plans, recasting the activities identified for implementation. Monitoring and evaluation shall be based on measurable targets and will be undertaken on a quarterly basis. The Plan will be evaluated internally after half cycle and externally at its full cycle of implementation to gauge the extent of its success.



Kisii University Student portal

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