RBS Courses offered (Programs) Quick Guide

Regent Business School is education institution in Africa and here we have discussed about Regent Business School Courses offered for undergraduate courses, PhD courses, postgraduate courses, Masters and research degrees. Regent Business School offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study.


List of courses at Regent Business School

Short Learning Programmes

Whether you are hoping to make some much-needed changes in your career or you simply want to enhance your current skills for the competitive employment marketplace, we have hand-selected the courses that will be of most benefit to your resume.

Our Short Learning Programmes

REGENT Business School is a dedicated distance and supported learning provider,
offering a focused, student-orientated approach.

  • Introduction to Design Thinking


  • Introduction to Data Analysis


  • Make Remote Working Work For You


  • Foster a Happy Workplace


  • E-Commerce: Starting Your Online Business



REGENT Business School is a dedicated distance and supported learning provider,
offering a focused, student-orientated approach.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

    Seeks to develop skills for professionals and equip them to enhance business performance, with a deep sense of the business, what it consists of and how it operates.

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management

    The Bachelor of Commerce in Retail Management is an undergraduate qualification that provides an overview of retail management practice in a national and international context.

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Law

    This three year programme will provide knowledge and skills in a number of areas traditionally associated with Law that will prepare students to be employable as managers, entrepreneurs and contributors to society and the legal sector.

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Supply Chain Management

    Designed to cater for the rapid pace of business and the continued integration of world economies.

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management

    Aims to develop conceptual understanding, synthesis and application of management and management theory for students wishing to progress in management careers.

  • Bachelor of Public Administration

    Develop proficient skills in the fields of management and administration, particularly geared towards development and administration in the wider public sector.

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting

    Developing learners to be able to function in a wide range of financial and accounting tasks and to be able to function and add value in private and public sectors.

  • Bachelor of Commerce

    Designed to give the student a strong foundation and the essential skills required for a successful career in business management.

Advanced Diplomas

This 1 year NQF 7 qualification will allow graduates to obtain employment in accounting firms and finance departments in the public or private sector.

  • Advanced Diploma in Management

    Designed to provide students with a convenient and structured avenue to further and advance their knowledge in the management field.

  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Management

    The programme provides further knowledge of the principles and practice of financial management.


Our diploma programmes strive to develop professional competence and lay a strong academic foundation for future studies.

  • Diploma in Public Relations Management

    This programme will provide knowledge, specific skills and applied competence in several areas traditionally associated with public relations.

  • Diploma in Financial Management

    The programme provides an overview of the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques to manage finances in a public or business sector context.

Higher Certificates

These introductory course aims to develop knowledge, tools and practical techniques which forms a foundation for further academic and practical growth.
  • Higher Certificate in Business Management

    This programme provides an overview of the essentials of business management theory and practice.

  • Higher Certificate in Entrepreneurship

    This programme provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to establish a new business and market a small business.

  • Higher Certificate in Accounting

    This programme prepares students to analyse and accurately communicate the financial impact of economic events of an enterprise.

  • Higher Certificate in Healthcare Services Management

    This programme is intended for healthcare practitioners and related professionals such as medical practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists and optometrists, as well as non–medical persons interested in pursuing management careers in healthcare services.

  • Higher Certificate in Management for Estate Agents

    This course provides an overview of the application of management theory to the Real Estate sector.

  • Higher Certificate in Islamic Finance, Banking and Law

    The course is aimed at students who are seeking to have more than a basic understanding of the concepts and operating principles that apply to Islamic banking in comparison to conventional banking.

  • Higher Certificate in Retail Management

    The programme is designed to meet the needs of learners who are already employed and involved in the wholesale and retail field.

  • Higher Certificate in Marketing Management

    This programme aims to equip learners with the necessary skills for implementing marketing strategies associated with an entry level marketing job.

  • Higher Certificate in Human Resource Management

    This programme facilitates the learning of the knowledge and skills required by people who are capable of applying to systems supporting human resource management practices.

  • Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management

    The programme is directed at persons employed in organisations who have practical knowledge of aspects of supply chain management and who may not have had the opportunity to pursue higher education qualifications.

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