Tobruk University Online Application 2023/2024 Easy Steps

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Tobruk University is education institution in Africa and here we have discussed about Tobruk University Online Application for undergraduate courses, PhD courses, postgraduate courses, Masters and research degrees. You can use Tobruk University application system to apply for undergraduate courses, PhD courses, postgraduate courses, Masters and research degrees.

Tobruk University Online Application 2023/2024 academic year!


Use the links below to apply online or download an Tobruk University application form:

General Registrar of the University

It is concerned with managing the educational affairs of university students, direct supervision of the academic system and monitoring the application of study and examination systems and regulations. It undertakes the supervision, direction and coordination of all organizational divisions affiliated to it or supervised by it, which are:

  • Registration, Study and Exams Office:
  • Registering students affiliated with the university and preparing annual records and statements containing all information about them.
  • Preparing statistics and detailed data on the number of students enrolled in the university according to their gender, nationalities, years of study, division of specializations and place of residence.
  • Preparing statistics on students graduating from the university in detail and preparing the university’s directory about them.
  • Preparing statistics on irregular students.
  • Taking care of the registration and follow-up of international students, preparing detailed statistics and submitting the necessary reports on them.


  • Student Housing Office:

1- Preparing and preparing students’ accommodation places in student houses in a way that creates a scientific and cultural atmosphere suitable for the student’s creation and creativity, and working on the continuation of this scientific climate throughout the academic year and presenting useful suggestions in that.

2-Following up the maintenance work in student houses and alerting the locations of defects and malfunctions in them to be repaired by the administration or the competent authority at the university.

3- Receiving students in student houses and enabling them to live there in accordance with the approved admission requirements, keeping records, and preparing statements and cards for that in accordance with the applicable conditions and instructions.

4- Supervising students in student homes, taking care of them socially, and organizing various activities for them at home in coordination with the Student Affairs and Activity Office at the university.

5- Supervising the workers in student homes and observing them in terms of their commitment to performing their duties and their adherence to the prescribed conditions and controls.

6- Providing useful suggestions to improve the level, conditions, types and quantities of student nutrition services in accordance with recognized scientific and health specifications.

7- Supervising restaurants and food stores, inspecting them, managing their equipment, supervising the preparation of meals in them, and taking all necessary measures to ensure the availability of health conditions in them, regulating the means of disbursing food and feeding students, preparing the necessary cards and others.

8-Following up the work of the nutrition committees, monitoring the implementation of food supply conditions, and submitting the necessary reports and proposals to improve them.


  • Teaching aids office:

1- Preparing and producing educational aids at the university.

2 – Supervising the halls designated for the purpose of educational aids.

3- Assisting faculty members in preparing research papers to participate in scientific conferences.

4- Providing cinematic and video tapes display devices and others.

5- Providing scientific and documentary tapes, slides and computer disks that are related to the specializations of the scientific departments.

6- To assist postgraduate students in preparing, printing and outputting their letters in an appropriate manner.


  • Social Service Office:

1- Monitoring, researching and analyzing the various phenomena within the university and its impact on the educational process and making recommendations thereon.

2- Collecting information through questionnaires and other scientific research tools to identify trends and patterns of behaviour, analyze them and make recommendations thereon.

3- Participate in preparing studies and research related to methods of dealing with deviations and abnormal social phenomena at the university.

4- Providing social services to individuals within the university and whose conditions require it.

5- Presenting proposals and recommendations that would consolidate and confirm relations between faculty members, staff and students at various levels.

6- Providing advice and advice to members of the university community, understanding their problems and helping them to overcome them.

7- Preparing social service programs and methods of implementing them within university educational institutions.

8- Preparing periodic reports on the field of specialization.


  • Student Activities Office:

The Student Activity Department is specialized in preparing and implementing student activity plans in the cultural, literary, artistic and sports fields, organizing festivals, camps, exhibitions, competitions, university days, forming teams and sponsoring them in various fields with the aim of discovering and refining talents, enhancing team spirit and teamwork, supporting positive competition and excellence, and giving an added value to university educational attainment. The administration is responsible for its functions through the following two offices:

  • Student Cultural Activities Office.
  • Student Sports Activity Office.




  • Immigrants Section:

               Taking care of the registration and follow-up of international students, preparing detailed statistics and submitting the necessary reports on them.

Tobruk University Online Application

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