WU Courses offered (Programs) Quick Guide

Wollega University is education institution in Africa and here we have discussed about Wollega University Courses offered for undergraduate courses, PhD courses, postgraduate courses, Masters and research degrees. Wollega University offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees such as bachelor degrees, master degrees, doctorate degrees in several areas of study.

List of courses at Wollega University

1. College of Engineering and Technology

  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering
  • Department of Construction Technology and Mgt
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
    • Architecture Program
    • Urban Planning Program
  •  Department of Food and Bioprocess Technology
  •  Department of Informatics
    •  Computer Science Program
    •  Information Technology Program

2. Collage of Natural and Computational Science

  •  Department of Biology
    •  Biology program
  •  Department of Chemistry
    •  Chemistry program
  •  Department of Computational science
    •   Statistics program
    •    Mathematics program
  •  Department of Earth and Environmental Science
    •   GIS program
    •   Geology program
    •   Environmental Science program
    •   Geo – Environmental Science program
  •  Department of Sport Science Studies
    •    Sport Science program
    •    Sport Management program

3. College of Health and Medical Science

  • School of Veterinary Medicine
    • DVM Program
    • VLT Program
    • Animal Health Science Program
  • Department of Public Health
    • Health Officer Program
  • Department of Medical Science
    • Medicine Program
    • Pharmacy Program
  • Department of Laboratory
  • Department of Nursing  and Midwifery
    • Nursing Program
    • Midwifery Program

4. College of Agriculture and Natural Resource

  • Department of Plant Sciences
  • Department of Animal Sciences
  • Department of Agricultural Economics & Value Chain Management
    • Agricultural Resource and Economics Mgt Program
    • Agri-Business and Value Chain Mgt Program
  • Department of Natural Resource
    • Natural Resource Mgt Program
    • Soil Resource and Water Shade Mgt Program
    • Water Resource and Irrigation Mgt Program
    • Bio System Engineering Program
    • Soil and Water Engineering Program
  • Department of Food Science and Sugar Technology
    • Sugar Technology Program
    • Food Science and Nutrition Program

5. College of Social Science and Education

  • School of Law
    • Law Program
  • School of Education
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching
    • Educational Planning and Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership
  • Department of Language Studies and Literature
    • English Program
    • Teaching English as Foreign Language—TEFL (MA) Program
    • Amharic Program
  • Department of Journalism and Communication
  • Department of Oromo Language, Literature, and Arts Studies
    • Oromo Language and Literature Program
    • Oromo Language and Literature (MA) Program
    • Oromo Arts and Folklore Program

6. College of Social Science and Humanities

  • Department of Governance
    • Political Science and international relation Program
    • Civic &Ethical Education Program
  • Department of Social Studies
    • Geography &Environmental studies Program
  • Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology
    • Sociology and Social Anthropology Program
    •  History( HIHM)  Program

 7. College of Business and Economics

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Accounting & Finance
    •  Accounting Program
    •  Banking & Finance Program
  •  Department of Management
  •  Department of Cooperative
  •  Department of  Public Administration

Post Graduate Programs

  1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  2. Public Administration (MA in PA & MPA)
  3. Agricultural Economics (MSc in Agricultural  EC)
  4. Development Economics
  5. MBA in Banking & Finance
  6. Oromo Language & Literature (MA in OLL)
  7. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (MA in TEFL)
  8. Plant Breeding (Master of Science in Plant Breeding)
  9. Nutrition and Food Science (MSc in NFS)
  10. Sugarcane Agronomy (MSc in Sugarcane agronomy)
  11. Political Science (MA in Political Science)
  12. Master of Public Health/General
  13. Master of Public Health/Reproductive Health
  14. Master of Public Health/Microbiology
  15. Physics/ Master of Science in Physics
  16. Accounting
  17. Medical Anthropology


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Important: Please contact or visit the official website of Wollega University for detailed information at https://wollegauniversity.edu.et/ .